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About us

Little Samphire Island is an Irish owned company based along the west coast of Ireland on The Wild Atlantic Way. Our company is dedicated to bringing our customers seaweed products that taste as wild and natural as the Irish Atlantic Ocean.


Seaweed plays an important and vital role in the marine ecosystem but it also draws an extraordinary wealth of mineral and trace elements from the sea. It is unbelievable to think that one gallon of fresh micronized seaweed powder offers the equivalent of 10,000 liters of seawater in trace elements of copper, zinc, manganese, iodine and selenium.  


Little Samphire Island, as a company, understands the role of traditional methods in harvesting and using wild seaweeds and encompasses these practices, steeped in tradition, to develop modern, innovative processing techniques. Building our own hatchery to cultivate seaweed, supporting local harvesters along the west coast, developing advanced methods of drying and processing the seaweed and ensuring top quality and traceability are all part of the fully integrated operation.

Our Team


Our dedicated and efficient team take pride in the assurance of the products’ quality and safety and the HSE and HACCP certificates reinforces this. Our expertise in broad fields across marine biology, research & development, science, business, sales and the food sector contributes to our ethos of constant development and growth of the company.


Environmental Footprint

Little Samphire Island’s team is steadfast in its commitment to pursue sustainable methods in growing, harvesting and processing the seaweed. Taking our environmental responsibility seriously minimizes the ecological footprint and ensures future renewable, sustainable, wild seaweed growth to enrich the coastal water and support rural seaside developments. 


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